A German company founded in 1959, Kontron is one of the most well-known computer hardware manufacturers, specializing in single board computers, embedded systems, industrial computers, monitors, and many, many more products. They are constantly developing new and unique embedded solutions, and with over 5000 employees worldwide, they excel at marketing and supplying their product. With their local support and engineering, Kontron is able to ensure the longevity of their products and can assist OEM possibilities conveniently.

  • Industry: Kontron provides computer hardware for communication, energy, industrial automation, “infotainment”, medical, military, and transportation industries.
  • # of Employees: 2,890
  • Website: http://www.kontron.com/
  • Phone: 888-294-4558
  • Email: sales@us.kontron.com
  • Headquarters: Augsburg, Germany
  • Year Founded: 1959

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